MorningStar Ranch Ministries

Here are some pictures from our June 26th

Open Schooling Horse Show

What a wonderful time we had... thanks to all who came.


Come on Leah... try to enjoy yourself!


Liberty Class

And now for some serious horsemanship...


We want to thank all of those who participated in our benefit show...

we were able to raise hundreds of dollars for "Miss Leslie" and we are looking forward to our next show September 25th.


A special thank you to Leah Maltz for judging for us... what a classy lady she is.



Without the generous support of those who see our efforts and understand that most of the people we reachout to cannot financially support the services we provide... we would not be able to continue. If you would like to join in supporting our efforts and help with the care and feeding of all these animals you can do so by simply "clicking" on the Visa-MasterCard button below.


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