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We are supported 100% by the contributions and faithful support of those who have been led by GOD to help us achieve our vision. What we do is labor intensive and the people we work with are not financially in a position to help themselves.

We welcome any and all inquiries as to how you can help through volunteering your time or supporting the work financially. You can contact us by e-mail, call us in San Antonio, Texas @ 210 648 3568 or if you are out of the area @ 1 800 881 7976. GOD bless you and thanks for visiting our web site.

We are providing the first 1000 people who are led by GOD to contribute $500.00 or more with a limited edition laser print of the original art work of the Eagle shown here. Our founder, Dr. Jim VonSchounmacher, the artist that created this beautiful eagle will personally sign and number each limited edition copy. Our goal is to raise the funds necessary to purchase 280 acres on the South East side of San Antonio for HIS ranch and begin building the Lodge and cabins for next years events. If you would like to be one of those "1000 Pioneer Founders" please email us for more details.

For your convenience our friends @ PayPal.com have provided a way for you to make a contribution to our efforts today if GOD is leading you to do so. Just click on the DONATE button below and you are on your way to helping us do HIS work. GOD bless you and thank you for visiting our site.

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