Texas is Number 1!

Texas has just passed Califonia to become the number one penal colony in the United States. We actually have more people in jail per capita than Russia. It boggles the mind how a state with less people in it than live in Los Angeles County can have more criminals than the entire state of California. But that's the way it is in Texas and we want to help change it! The "Walls" in Huntsville is where most men coming out of prison are released... the sad part is far too many have no one waiting for them when they come out.

The Revival is Real!

The revival inside is real... more than 900 inmates were baptized in the Bexar County Jail this year alone. Thanks to the dedicated volunteer Chaplains like Charles S. Labatt who take the time to share JESUS with men and women who are in desperate need of good role models and Christ like mentoring! It isn't just talk to men like Charlie... it's a way of life.

HIS WORD reaching out behind the walls.

Thanks to organizations like Prison Fellowship International, Bill Glass Ministries, Mike Barber Ministries and the Gideons... there are BIBLES for these hungry men to digest... HIS WORD changes lives.

Caring enough to just be there!

Sometimes it is nothing more than being there that makes the difference. Most of the men and women in jail and prison can deal with violence, pain and even fear... but love, pure CHRIST like love is something they can't resist. Our volunteers know that some times the best thing you can say has nothing to do with words.

Making the Right Choices!

MorningStar Ranch wants to help these men and women learn how to feed the right SPIRIT within them. We want to make a difference. We want to help these children of GOD stay out of Jail and Prison and not become repeat offenders!