September 22, 1965 - November 18, 2000

In Memory of Sheila


This is Sheila, the youngest of five children born to Emil and Darlene Dobrovolny. Sheila is Catherine, Mark, Steve and Susan's youngest sister and at age 35 she went HOME to be with the LORD. Diagnosed with breast cancer at 32, the doctors thought they had it under control, but her cancer was very aggressive due to her youth and it quickly spread to her bones.

Sheila had a great attitude about all of this... she knew our LORD and believed HE would either heal her or take her home to be with HIM... either way she knew she would win. Her witness has changed lives and we are all blest to have watched her demonstrate HIS peace through all of this. We are asking you to lift her family up in your prayers that HIS peace be in the midst of this for them as it was for her, and that HIS perfect will be accomplished.



Sheila is survived by two wonderful children,
Kristin and Brad whom she dearly loved.
Our prayer is that HIS peace be with them
as they carry on without Sheila there to turn to. Please lift them in your prayers
and stand with us that HE be
glorified through them as they let HIS joy shine through.

All of us who love and miss Sheila want to thank you for visiting this special page and we especially appreciate the prayers.
Thanks again for your prayers!

We encourage you to support the fight against Breast Cancer and pray that you will help those you love to get a check up often and help save one of our most precious resources...

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