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The BIBLE School

An outreach ministry of MorningStar Ranch Ministries

The BIBLE School was founded as Christian Fellowship Ministries International (CFMI) in March 1989 in San Antonio, Texas, by Jim Driskell. After taking a course similar to this one Brother Jim was led by God to pursue the calling of Christian Education.

In January 2002, Brother Driskell went to be with the Lord. And the Board of Directors of CFMI unanimously selected Douglas Shoemaker, a seminary graduate and a long time friend and colleague of Brother Jim, to assume the leadership role vacated by Jim's passing. Douglas, being a key staff member of MorningStar Ranch Ministries, requested the Board of CFMI place the BIBLE School under the umbrella of MSRM, and the vote was unanimous.

Under the new leadership the BIBLE School is presently expanding into new areas. With the able assistance of our skilled volunteers everything is running smoothly. All courses are now available for e-mail transmittal as well as by mail. To enroll in any courses or to request additional information please contact us at:



The BIBLE School

P.O. Box 460801

San Antonio TX 78246.

If you would like to get started on the courses right away then click on the link below.

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We will grade your lessons and send them back to you along with the next set of lessons to complete.

We welcome you to join our students from all over the world, more than 300 are prison inmates.


1. We DO NOT issue licenses nor do we ordain.

2. We do not issue any type of degree but simply issue certificates of completion.

3. We do travel as Evangelists and set up teaching seminars by request.

Feel free to contact at our address or via e-mail.

In God's Service,

Rev. Doug and Jacquelyn Shoemaker