MorningStar Ranch Ministries

We have had trail rides with kids, adults and even senior adults... come to think of it we have even had rides with all of the above... all packaged to provide a safe family atmosphere for all to enjoy these majestic creatures.

Our rides are designed to suit the level of both the rider and their mount. Our goal is to provide a real "Old West" feel to all our rides... as little cars and city sights as possible.

As is always true with ministry events, most of our activities either begin or end with food... it's great to get to know those you share a common love of horses with.

We have some great get away places to ride... from the laid back to the challenging... all designed for the fun and safety of both horse and rider.

There is something truly impressive about a group of happy riders covering the Texas country side... it just makes the old heart pound faster!

There are sometimes when you just want to sit back and let Leslie do the "drivin"...

Whether in the open pasture or the shaded woods... it just doesn't get any better than this! GOD's creation... GOD's majestic horses... Is HE good or what?

There is no better way to end a ride than at the foot of the Cross!
Thanks for stopping by... we pray you enjoyed the ride.

All of our rides are alcohol free...

For more information on how we can plug you into an event we already have planned or how we can customize a ride just for you or your group... call us @ 210 624 2929 or email us at or contact White's Equestrian Center @ 210 628 6510 or email them at