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Just add your kids... and it's Party Time!

MorningStar Ranch is delighted to be able to share our barn yard animals, through our Petting Zoo and Pony Parties, for Birthday Parties and with schools, churches, organizations and family outings, and special events... both kids and adults love the hands on experience.

And our animals love the attention... for information about how you

can schedule a Petting Zoo or Pony Party with our animals for your event call:

(210) 279 6747 or (210) 723 8161

MorningStar Ranch, is a not-for-profit Texas corporation and all funds raised from Pony Parties and Petting Zoos go to help feed and care for our rescued animals!

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Somewhere in the midst of those kids is a miniature horse!

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Twenty-five years ago, MorningStar Ranch started here in San Antonio, Texas as a small not-for-profit ministry using our animals to help families and at-risk youth grow, both in confidence and in GOD's Spirit. Over the year's, it has been your generosity that has allowed us to move to a permanent location in Southwest Bexar County, in Somerset, Texas just southwest of San Antonio (sa tx). The ministry now includes horses, a guanaco (llama), alpacas, pot-bellied pigs, pygmy goats, Nigerian dwarf goats, donkeys, ducks, chickens and more... much, much more... all co-existing peacefully in a setting that includes Petting Zoos, and Pony Parties. MorningStar Ranch is completely supported by those who are moved to further HIS work through this unique ministry. Completely operated by donations and volunteers, your Tax-deductible donations will further GOD's work throughout the coming year. For more information, call us here in SATX and schedule a Petting Zoo and/or a Pony Party. We would be love to show you the magnificent ways that GOD is using these animals through this ministry... which has now grown to a world wide outreach... all made possible by friends like you. The numbers to call (in sa tx) are: 210 723 8161 or 210 279 6747. Without the generous support of those of you who see our efforts and understand that most of the people we reach out to cannot financially support the services we provide... we would not be able to continue. If you would like to join in supporting our efforts here in sa tx and help with the care and feeding of all these animals that touch so many lives, you can do so by simply "clicking" on the Visa-MasterCard button below or scheduling a Pony Party and/or a Petting Zoo. We provide our Petting Zoos and Pony Parties throughout the San Antonio, Tx and surrounding area.

And don't forget you can always send your (tax-deductable) contribution to:

MorningStar Ranch Ministries

226 Cutting Horse Lane

Somerset, Texas 78069

(210) 279 6747 or (210) 723 8161

Thank you for considering MorningStar Ranch Ministries

as the recipient of your generosity.

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