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Just add your kids... and it's Party Time!

MorningStar Ranch is delighted to be able to share our animals, through our Petting Zoo and Pony Parties, for Birthday Parties and with schools, churches, organizations and family outings, and special events... both kids and adults love the hands on experience.

And our animals love the attention... for information about how you

can schedule a Petting Zoo or Pony Party with our animals for your event call:

(210) 279 6747 or (210) 723 8161

MorningStar Ranch, not-for-profit Texas corporation and all funds raised from Pony Parties and Petting Zoos go to help feed our rescued animals!

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Somewhere in the midst of those kids is a miniature horse!

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Because what we do is not cost effective... and is tremendously labor intensive... many ask... "WHY DO YOU DO IT?" Well an ancient axiom says, "One picture is worth a thousand words." Here is our answer in several thousand words!!


These precious animals help us touch lives through our Petting Zoo and Pony Parties, like Vincent and David in ways words can not express!

And age is not an issue... both young and old love the feeling of freedom when

they are sitting on a horse brings them... which is what truly makes our Pony Parties and Petting Zoos special!

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